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About This Project

Visitors Day Video 2017

Every year the 146 Referral Group BNI Chapter has a new theme and a new video for Visitors Day. Rather than just talking about ourselves, we try to show our fun sida and entertain our visitors while showing them who we are. This year our team put some “Mission Possible” into the presentation, and the video theme quickly became the Visitors Day theme.

Once we had shot our narration, the rest of the puzzle fell into place. IllustraVisions coordinated with members to capture mini-commercials for a whirl-wind tour of who we are and what we do. We chose old and new members in a variety of professions to illustrate the depth and breadth of our membership.

In the end, we wowed our audience and got kudos from the Massachusetts franchise owner. What a great team effort! Our chapter is growing, and I only hope that it sets us apart from the rest.