Irene Kneeland

Irene started as a technical illustrator long before the digital age. She worked freelance with her father for many years creating 2D and 3D illustrations from blueprints for local clients in Connecticut. Later, at Thermal Dynamics in New Hampshire as the technical illustrator, she worked with tech writers and engineers to create clearly illustrated instructions for technical manuals.

From the mid-90s to 2022, Irene learned the art of video production, mostly for business web applications. In 2018, she became an Official Matterport Service Provider. In 2021 she invested in the Leica BLK360 laser technology and its accompanying software to offer both virtual tours and accurate point clouds for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Irene has invested in all kinds of gear to scan proficiently and completely. She prides herself on delivering high quality products for her clients’ level of needs.

Irene Kneeland, IllustraVisions