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Laser Scanning

(Also known as LiDAR — Light Detection And Ranging)

For As-Built Residential, Commercial, or Historical AEC Projects.

You are the architect. Ask yourself how much your time is worth. And your team members? What about their time? It takes at least two of you to measure by hand. The solution? Let us scan your existing structure in 3D with the industry-standard Leica BLK360 laser scanner to provide you with an accurate point cloud model. Everything visible can be captured by the scan and is measurable. Replace tedious hand-measuring and minimize the need to return to the job site with your 1:1 scale point cloud. No more forensic measurement deduction. No more second-guessing… and no more ladders!

With Cyclone Register 360 (BLK Edition) workflow, we can provide point clouds in various file types such as rcp, e57, PTS, PTG, and PTX acceptable in most every CAD program.

All the benefits of this scanning method can be combined with Matterport® Virtual Tours. See a full explanation of the different workflows and technology.

Matterport® Virtual Tours

More immersive than photos. More interactive than video.

Virtual tours give viewers the sense of really being there from the convenience of a computer or mobile device. With our Matterport Pro 2 camera, we can scan roughly 1,000 SF in an hour, and the spaces are typically available online in 24 to 48 hours. If desired, impressive and engaging interactivity can be added to a virtual tour with pop-up / clickable call-out tags in the 3D space, pop-up explainer videos, audio files, URL links, and more. Although the Matterport Virtual Tours exist only online, the virtual tours can be leveraged for photos and interactive 360 photos for social media and for permanent, downloadable, walking tour videos.

Real Estate: Residential, Commercial, and Rental Properties

In competitive markets, 3D Virtual Tours provide potential buyers the best opportunity to find a good fit. As more homes come to market, your well-staged virtual tour will stand out and get more traffic than homes promoted with photos only.

Commercial spaces can be easily toured by potential buyers, and with Matterport’s cloud measuring tools, they can calculate what equipment will fit in which spaces.

Rental properties, VRBO and Airbnb vacation rentals benefit from 3D virtual tours. Some spaces are hard to capture with a still photo, but 360 photos can tell the bigger picture… indoors and out.

Architects, Engineers, and Construction Industries

If you have a large commercial / industrial space, IllustraVisions can arrange to use a laser-based Leica BLK360 for more accurate point cloud data as well as the virtual tour communication tool for the AEC industries. We have a 110,000 SF+ warehouse sample in our virtual tours portfolio (See “The Andy,” San Antonio, TX).

Need simple schematic floorplans this week? We can turn them around rapidly. We can scan and deliver in just days.

Showroom and Facility Managers, Marketing Directors, Museum and Gallery Directors

Open your doors to your clients and visitors 24/7! Show off your facility, products, and capabilities. Feature a 3D Virtual Tour at your virtual conferences and keep the still and 360 photos forever.

Are you promoting services? Add audio files or videos in certain locations. Is your facility a clean room? We’ll go through the suiting up and cleaning up process so your virtual visitors don’t have to.


What do you need?

Choose from the services workflows based on your needs:

  • Cyclone Register 360 Workflow
  • Matterport Workflow
  • Or BOTH

IllustraVisions can provide multiple options to suit your needs. We can work with or without virtual tours, and if you need BOTH workflows, we can do that, too.

Processing Software
Point Cloud Accuracy
Thermal IR Images
Online Virtual Tour
Still Photos
360 Photos
Simple Floor Plans
BLK360/Cyclone Register 360 only

Taken within Cyclone

Taken within ReCap
BLK360/Matterport only

Taken within Matterport

Taken within Matterport
Pro2 Infrared/Matterport only

Taken within Matterport

Taken within Matterport
BLK360/Cyclone Register 360, then Matterport

Taken within Cyclone

Taken within Matterport

Taken within Matterport


Professional videos to meet your company’s needs.

Video is a powerful medium that boosts your visibility, credibility, and web traffic. Ask us about creating a commercial for your business, “how-to” or capabilities videos for your website, or for display at a trade show. Videos that present and promote your brand consistently and effectively are today’s gold standard for marketing successfully. Do you have video components, but need someone to edit them for a digital advertisement? Ask us about video editing. We know that small businesses have tight budgets, and we offer reasonable, competitive prices.

Promotional, explainer, training, and advertising videos for small businesses at rates you can afford.